Come be our guest as we celebrate our 80th tour under the Big Top! Carson & Barnes Circus is bringing an all-new 2016 edition to cities all across America and bringing with them their largest stars of the show, the performing Asian Elephants!

Witness the Asian elephants Lisa, Becky and Traci, who call Carson & Barnes Circus home, under the direction of Armando Loyal. Armando, a 9th generation member of an Italian Circus family, has dedicated his life to caring for these majestic creatures. Come be inspired as man and animal alike showcase gentleness, gracefulness and beauty guaranteeing to create wonder and memories to last throughout a lifetime.

This year the tent comes to life with acrobats and performers from around the world. For 2 hours come and forget about your worries and be a part of the circus magic. Be amazed by the death defying daredevils racing their motorcycles at high speeds in the globe of death. Sit in awe as they reach new heights spinning on the wheel of death. Get lost in laughter at the comedy created by our famous clown “Pinky”. Be swept away as the acrobats demonstrate strength and agility soaring to captivating heights. Fall in love with our four legged friends, the cuddly canines and high stepping Appaloosa stallions.