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Cooling Off in Pittsburgh

As seen on KDKD-TV
Pittsburgh, PA

Weekend performances at CONSOL Energy Park in Washington, Pa., are the latest in growing list of sweltering stops for the family-owned Carson and Barnes Circus.

Owner Barbara Byrd says large fans will circulate air under the tent during performances. She also explained how trainers help animals beat the heat.

“We do have a misting system and fans, so if it gets extremely hot for them, we’ll be able to spray them down. Of course, in the heat, they get watered about six times a day, rather than four times.”

Animal trainer Jennifer Walker makes certain her dogs don’t get hot under the collar.

“I have a customized dog truck. I call it the ‘shaggin’ wagon.’ It’s all air conditioned and the kennels are built right in.”

Jennifer’s brother, John Walker, says pachyderms Viola and Kelly need constant attention when temperatures climb.

“They’ll drink about 200 gallons of water today,” he says. “Of course, you can’t leave them alone. You’ve got to stay with them. If they get thirsty, you’ve got to give them water right away.”

Speaking of “water for elephants,” the North Franklin Volunteer Fire Department made an afternoon appearance.

They unfurled the fire hose, and gave the pair of pachyderms a refreshing shower. The best part of all? Elephants never forget.