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Love from Lewisburg, OH

An Open Letter to the Tri-County Town Council
Lewisburg, OH

When I saw the posters around town that “The Circus Is Coming!”, it sparked within me, “It’ll be great!  It’ll be fun!  I WANT TO GO!”

As we know, not everyone has the aptitude or propensity to appreciate or like everything. ( I appreciate our Fire Department, Police,Emergency Squad, our trash men, roads crews,
auto mechanics…) Even in The Arts or in Sports, not every musician, performer, artist or athlete stirs the soul or touches the heart of everyone, but THE CIRCUS..!!!  I wish both shows
would have been sold out/ packed houses for our glorious guests!

What skill, talent, presentation, humor and labor of love each and every performer had, as well as the road crew’s incredible manpower to bring it all here!  It was so fun and so spectacular!  It was almost surreal and life-changing, and it happened in Lewisburg thanks to you.  I loved every one of the performers and even felt the power, love and presence of God there as they entertained us.

I want to thank you for bringing them and hope that you and the entire circus crew were pleased.

—Eric L, Lewisburg, OH