Saving the Elephants

Endangered Ark Foundation

The Endangered Ark Foundation is a not-for-profit (501c3) organization founded by D.R. and Isla Miller. The Millers were the driving force behind Carson & Barnes Circus.

After more than six decades of caring for, working and living with their elephants and other animals, circus legend D.R. Miller and his family established the Endangered Ark Foundation. Motivated by their intimate understanding of the bonds and partnerships formed between animals and humans, and the need for human involvement and action to save endangered animals.

As director of the foundation, D.R. Miller established the foundation’s charter to:

  • Support existing animal refuge areas
  • Provide for acquisition of land for additional refuge areas
  • Educate through public programs, educational materials, and media coverage
  • Acquire and save threatened and endangered animals.
The endangered Asian elephant

The endangered Asian elephant.

From its beginnings in 1993, the Endangered Ark Foundation has sought to preserve the extremely endangered Asian elephant.

Our awareness of the interdependence between the human and animal species grows steadily.

This year the Ark’s emphasis will be on:

  • Beginning and expanding public education programs at conferences, conventions and other events, as well as “on the road” with the Carson & Barnes Circus, where part of the proceeds from each circus ticket sold will be donated to the Ark.
  • Continuing the design and development of the Circus City Animal Park, which will allow the public a unique and up close experience with our elephants.
  • Supporting and enlarging the elephant breeding program already established by the Carson & Barnes Circus. The Miller family’s elephant herd, one of the largest in the United States, will continue to be the nucleus of this program, as its large elephant gene pool makes a significant contribution to the maintenance of a healthy elephant population.
  • Making improvements at the facility which will enhance the lives of the elephants. For example we are in the process of designing and raising funds for a swimming pool specially designed for our elephant family.

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