Claremore circus brings in large crowd

Claremore Daily Progress
Sunday, June 7th, 2015

Carson and Barnes Circus performed the “The Great American Classic” Wednesday in Claremore. Over 200 people arrived to enjoy the night’s festivities in a large circus tent in the Expo parking lot.

The show started with a dance and song performance, complete with bright colors and mascots playing musical instruments.

After a brief flying trapeze performance, poodles entered the center stage and demonstrated their extreme jumping talents. A schnauzer also joined the show, but was fonder of being pushed around than jumping.

During the first half of the show, Jason Lahr, who was in the audience, was invited onto the stage to participate. He was asked to stand in front of a large board with targets. A clown pretended to throw toilet plungers at targets on the board located just to the sides of Lahr’s body. He was very skeptical and nervous, which provided the rest of the audience with plenty of entertainment.

“It was terrifying to be up there, but I really had a lot of fun,” said Lahr after he was finally allowed to take his seat when his participation was no longer needed.

Other events included juggling, balancing acts, steel ball motor cycle stunts and elephant performances.

Wayne Moore, a Claremore resident, brought his three-year-old granddaughter to the circus, and felt certain if the circus was not in Claremore he would have not attended.

“We were at the splash pad across the street, and we made it here because it is here in Claremore. It is nice to have it here,” said Moore.

The circus event was sponsored by the Akbar Shriners, and was scheduled to be hosted in Claremore to help bring family events to the local community.

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