The Magic Will Continue During 81st Season Of The Carson & Barnes Circus

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

HUGO, OK — The Carson & Barnes Circus family is heartbroken by the decision of the Feld Family to close the Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey units of their corporation. Ringling Brothers has been a household name for more than a century and has been a leading force in the entertainment business.

We extend our gratitude and appreciation to Kenneth Feld and his family for their contributions to the great American Circus. Our thoughts are with not only the members of the Ringling Brothers directly, but with the worldwide circus industry and primarily to our entire nation…for we have truly lost a great American icon.

The circus is woven throughout our American History, bringing thrilling entertainment and family fun to cities and rural communities across the land. Children of all ages have been introduced to the wonder and magic of talent from around the world thanks to the traveling circus.

As an integral part of America’s heritage, the circus with its unique culture and showmanship, has had to unfairly endure constant harassment over the last few decades from extremist groups. Groups whose objective is to abolish all human and animal interaction. Carson & Barnes Circus has and will always celebrate the beauty and bond between humans and animals. A bond that enriches all. While the circus complies with ever increasing regulation, the safety and welfare for our patrons, entertainers and animal performers has always been our priority.

For the Miller Family of Hugo, OK, the circus roots run deep. This year will mark the 81st year for our family to own and operate a circus in the United States. We pride ourselves on bringing affordable quality entertainment to families all over the country. We look forward to bringing the magic of the circus and the stars of the show — the Asian elephants — to more than 200 communities during our upcoming 2017 tour.

As our audience applauds the performers and enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes we all recall from our childhood, we are all celebrating an American tradition. From clowns to the big animal acts, from aerial artists to cotton candy, a circus under canvas is a unique and rare experience, one that we are honored to share with you and your children, as we have done for 80 years.

The Carson & Barnes Circus invites you to join in the excitement under the Big Top where lifetime memories will be forever engraved on the hearts of all who visit. To be a part of an American family tradition and experience the magic of the circus visit or call 580 326-2233.