Show Lineup


This year the Carson & Barnes Circus is proud to present the World Debut of Circus-Saurus!

Be our guest as we transform the Circus Big Top into a time machine and embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

Experience first hand the giants of today’s world and the enormous creatures from the past.

As we take you back millions of years, the Big Top will come alive with powerful Dinosaurs and the legendary Wooly Mammoth.

For the first time anywhere Tyrannosauruses, Deinoychus, Wooly Mammoth and Asian Elephants will come together to enchant and captivate hearts of all ages.

Be sure to arrive early for the Circus Midway! Our giant menagerie of exotic animals from around the world is presented to see up close and in person, free of charge before each performance!

Elephant and pony rides are available for a small charge on the Circus Midway, along with many other exciting pre-show activities.

2019 Show Lineup

Welcome to our Rag Time Big Top Circus Ball, featuring an amazing array of artistic ability from around the world:

  • Foot Juggling – Miss Lola
  • The Wizard of the revolving cube – Alfonso
  • Aerial Artistry Aloft on the Lira – Miss Elvira
  • A child’s play elevated to perfection: Hula Hoop Sensation Jacqueline
  • Perch Pole Prodigies ~ The Rosales Family
  • Equine excellence in a display of human and animal interaction: The Spirited Appaloosa Horses
  • Our Merry Maker of Mirth – Mickie the Clown
  • The Argentine beauty, Johanna, defies gravity as she balances on the ascending spheres.
  • Be amazed as Circus-Saurus defies time and transports you back millions of years ago, when the dinosaurs ruled the world.
  • Meet our Magnificent Ice Age Gentle Giant, the Mighty Creature “Miller” the Wooly Mammoth.


  • A tantalizing trio of talented teenagers ~ The Coronel Sisters. Sit in awe as they maneuver their rolling globes up a 45 degree incline.
  • The oldest of the circus arts is brought to life for your amazement. The Solis Brothers ~ Strength, Trust and Balance at its Best
  • You’ve seen the Extinct now meet the Endangered The Stars of our Show – The Magnificent Asian Elephants ~ Isla and Kelly
  • Juggling Juggernauts ~ The Rosales Family representing 5 generations of family tradition
  • Welcome back our Merry Maker of Mirth ~ Mickie the Clown
  • Faster and faster he spins, rotating from ground level to the absolute apex of the big top and back again, in a matter of seconds, on the incredible Death Defying Wheel of Destiny ~ Armando Bautista

Join us in Celebrating Circus-Saurus. We hope to make you laugh. We hope to make you smile. We hope to bring you out of your blues. We hope to lift you up, right out of our seats and put some magic in your shoes. We thank you for coming and being a guest at our show!